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Paul Evans


Reservoir souring

Reservoir Souring Challenges and Solutions from the Operators Perspective

Bart Lomans


Reservoir souring

Potentials of Chlorate Reduction for Souring Mitigation

Rainer Meckenstock

UFZ Munich

Anaerobic metabolism of aromatics

Anaerobic degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in oil

Xiaojun Zhang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Hydrocarbon degradation, community composition in reservoirs

Enrichment of crude oil degrading microbial consortia and the production of 25-norhopane by microbial metabolism

Bozhong Mu

East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai


Combined Application of Chemical and Molecular Approaches for the Detection of Signature Metabolites and Functional Microorganisms Implicated in the Anaerobic Degradation of Oil Hydrocarbons in Petroleum Reservoirs

Michail M. Yakimov

Institute for Coastal Marine Environment, Italy

Hydrocarbon biodegradation in the deep sea

Calm and Frenzy, Feast and Famine of Marine PAH-Degrader Cycloclasticus sp. ME7 as Revealed by Physiological Studies and Genome/Proteome Analyses.

Janet Jansson

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Deepwater Horizon

Omics of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Anna Lewin

NTNU, Trodheim Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Application of Molecular Microbial Methods (MMM) to the oil industry

Comparative metagenomics of deeply buried oil reservoirs suggests very slow rates of evolution in the deep biosphere

Kate Boccadoro International Research Institute of Stavanger

Hydrocarbon degradation, community composition in reservoirs

Microbial Selective Plugging Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Jan Sunner

Oklahoma University

MIC, biocorrosion, souring,  monitoring & treatment

Advanced Mass Spectrometric Approaches to and Metabolomics Characterization of Oil-Field Samples with Emphasis on Biocorrosion Monitoring and Diagnostics